Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mindblowing Theme Durga Idol Pictures & Photography

I have found these thematic Durga idol around the net, from different site. These are mostly all from Kolkata. Different types of themes are used to decorate and designed the Goddess Durga's Idol

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Traditional Durga Idol Vs Theme

Traditional Durga Idol : "Ya Devi Sarbabhuteshu Matri Rupena Sansthita" For hindus Devi Durga is like our mother, that is the traditional form of Goddess Durga. There should be the traditional emotion while the puja is celebrated. The traditional idol of Durga Maa seems very close to us, seems very known to us, as we know our mother.
Today there are vast competition between different clubs in the name of Durga Puja, everyone wants to make their Puja beat others and becomes the best one. In this war, they have found the ideas of different themes to decorate Devi Durga's Idols, pandals and other arrangements. These practices cost lots of money to decorate the puja arrangements in different themes. While India is an economically poor country, where nearly 30% of people are below poverty line, millions of people starve daily to live, these type of expenses are really unethical. Durga puja should be celebrated, but the best way is in traditional way. In traditional puja it doesn't matter how glamorous or eclat is that puja arrangement. There are always a mental, emotional and spiritual bond used to stay within the people. But in the big puja pandals we cannot find that cordiality, heartiness and emotional bond between people.

Durga Idol in Theme : Goddess Durga eliminated Mahisasur, and with her blessings, Ramchandra defeated Ravana. So Goddess Durga is the symbol of triumph of lights over darkness, truth over false, good over evil. Our society is now full of bad, unethical, fraud, evil people, and the number is increasing day by day. So we can assume that someone like goddess Durga will come and destroy all this evil from the earth and make it a beautiful place to live. Thematic Idol is this type of Durga Idol, in which goddess durga is not only a symbol of the universal mother, but also some other symbol, in this case "the protector" from all hostility. Though as a mother she is indeed a protector also, but a particular theme of godess durga gives a different point of view to the eyes of viewer.
In other view, the artists who made Devi Durga's idol, think her not as a mother, instead they think that goddess Durga is their daughter, because they are creating her. So those artists sometimes like to give a different look to goddess outside the view of traditional Idols. After-all the artist also belongs to our society, so the different sides of our social life is used to be reflected or expressed in his designs. Here I have posted some Durga idol in theme